Wild Monkey Child

Wild monkey child

Surfs upon the sun

Chasing stinky wizards

Playing bongo drums

On red orange waves he splashes

They taste like butter rum

Then a flash he makes a dash

And races home to mum

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  • Haiku’s are generally about nature.
  • Haiku’s have a rhyming pattern of 5-7-5.

Haiku Example

She guards the forest

A sentinel immortal

Carved by hands divine

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  • Senryu’s are generally about darker human emotions.

  • Senryu’s have a rhyming pattern of 5-7-5.

Senryu Example

Sleep eludes again

Filled with sorrow cold and deep

My broken heart weeps

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  • A Nonet is a nine line poem.
  • The first line contains nine syllables, the next has eight, the next has seven and so on.

  • Rhyming is optional.

Nonet Example

Integrity, virtue and kindness

Compassion, mercy and patience

Archaic to the masses

Embodied by a few

I will carry on

Teach my children

To teach theirs

To love


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